• Morningside Drive is an all original alternative rock band with a little bit of that 90's flare. Nothing but high octane driven tunes and unforgettable hooks coming from this band. No detours here, just the fast lane and making love to your ears. Hailing from Fort Worth, TX and driven to take it all over.
  • Dante - Singer
  • Ric Smith - Guitarist/Backing Vocals
  • Renzo - Bass
  • Tones - Drums

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Fort Worth Weekly

Morningside Drive's Long Road

Things are getting lit up.


Killer's Taco

424 Bryan Street

Denton, TX


Jordan (2017)

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Mar. 3rd

The Peppermill

6825 E Lancaster

Fort Worth, TX

Mar. 10th


The Rail Club

3101 Joyce Dr.

Fort Worth, TX

Mar 17th

Whiskey Business

5731 Locke Ave

Fort Worth, TX

March 18th

Killer's Taco

424 Bryan St.

Denton, TX

March 31st

The Aardvark

2905 W Berry St

Fort Worth, TX

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Morningside Drive